Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chilly Fall Morning

It was early November and everything started to sprout rich and warm colors from the edges of the green that began to fade as Summer made its way....
I volunteered at a local National Park to help raise funds, the park is important to because it is the past and the past should be remembered. 
I was standing at the end of a paved road on the park grounds, near a Ranger house and alone with my shivering self wondering why I got up at 5:30 in the morning to wait in the cold in order to show runners where to turn around...but it was for a good cause.

It is a pretty place... there were two deer off in the distance getting their early morning snack, some very active squirrels, and a VERY large bird.
It was quiet and lovely and in the middle of a place where about half of the population degrade and talk down about most of the time, lamenting about how crappy their town is, but not noticing the good parts or caring enough beyond pitching a fit online and blaming the poor for everything to fix anything.

But this place is wonderful, and the fund raiser was a success...and I am glad.

I may want to move away from the area, but this is a special place to me. 

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