Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pic of the Day

This was one of the corners in Bath when we went on our bus tour, Bath was beautiful.

Photo of the Day

This rose was in the garden of the Imperial War Museum in London.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I think one of the most enjoyable parts of our visit, and odd ones at the same time was the ride on the tour bus from London to Salisbury to Bath and back.  The Countryside in England is amazingly beautiful... from sheep pastures surrounding stonehenge to this little sight I saw on the way back to London, its just breathtaking.  I think I could live out in the country, if the country looked like this.  And... if I had high speed internet access.  lol.

Photo of the day

This is actually a photograph of the rooftop outside our Hotel window, i you look in the almost middle right corner, you will see the London Eye peeking over some tops... I have been playing around with textures and stuff in my photo editing so you see the little ghost there and the odd script in the sky... just some fun from a cool shot I took.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pic of the Day

This is another shot from London.  One afternoon Adam and I took the tube to The Imperial War Museum which is in the Southern part of Central London.  I think I took this one on the way there or back, but loved the shot.

As air breathed life into the dead
with a breeze that stalked the empty streets
specters crept around desolate corners
slightly inching on towards a safety
never known
All together they marched
Without the order of soldiers
but still determined
Mothers, fathers, children
gripping some token of familiarity
reminding them of the light
so long faded.
Deafening noise
the clatter of chaos
but these specters long lost
a tongue 
a voice
shadows of the past
wandering for shelters
down a lonely street

Parliament Building